It’s not just what an expert knows, it’s also how they communicate with you (and your loved ones) when a “tree event” happens to your house, car, fence or other property. This is Part II in a series about choosing the best tree care expert for your property.

In Part I we covered what to look for. In today’s post, we’re going to be talking about who to consider looking for.

Here we go!

It’s pretty simple, really.

Look for a tree service with a team of people who can handle a potentially tough conversation professionally & with care.

We talk with a lot of people each week, both in the office and in the field, about their damaged property. While we speak with people often about this, our callers and customers often don’t have much experience with these kinds of events.

There’s plenty of stress, worry, upset and fear when a person calls in because their 40ft tree just smashed their neighbor’s car. The urge to hurry up and get it fixed is very real. And, understandably, very scary.

Here are a few of the things we do here at Matt’s Tree Service:


On the phone & in the office

We’re quick to respond, and we will have just a few questions.

When a person calls because huge tree caved in their roof, you bet there’s going to be some emotion in that conversation.

We’re real. We’re respectful. We’re going to walk you through every step.

And we’re going to need just a bit of information so we can take a few notes and see how soon we can get to the property to serve you …and move that tree.

In the field & at the site

In person and on site, we can handle a tough situation. And we’ll stand right next to our customers all the way through the process.

When we arrive, we’re going to make a thorough assessment, as quickly as possible.

We know that even if we were able to work at lightspeed, it would still not feel fast enough. When a person sees their roof caved in, repairs simply can’t happen fast enough. Completely understand.

And, we want to do it right. Do it safely. And yes, as quickly as possible.

We’re real people first with you, and we work professionally to resolve property issues regarding trees.


NOTE: in this business, when it rains…

It definitely pours.

When a storm comes, and damage happens, it happens to many properties throughout the entire Greater Seattle area. Schedules are different between tree service companies at any given moment.

If you speak with a company that can’t see your site until the next day or two, ask that company for a recommendation of another tree service.

Connections are tight in our local industry, so if you like how one busy company speaks with you and helps you, ask for a recommendation from them for another service that they trust and refer to.

We understand that dealing with damaged property is not something you’ll ever want to experience. No one does. But if you have to go through it, remember, it’s not just about what a tree service knows, it’s also about how the staff talks with you and works with you all the way through.

Give a call with questions. We’re here for you.