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We deliver freshly stocked trailer loads of bark mulch including cedar chips, dark medium mulch, composite and medium brown mulch.

Delivery Service Available, Competitive Pricing, Free Blower Truck Estimates

A beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself. Getting a naturally beautiful yard requires an expert’s touch. Turn to MTS tree and landscape when you want to reshape your yard. Give Your Yard a Refined Look and choose us for lawn edging services.

Why choose bark mulch?

Not only does premium bark mulch offer that fresh manicured look in your yard, it is also good for your plants and garden. Bark decomposes slower than wood and maintains its color longer. By using bark mulch, you save countless hours of weeding, improve the quality of your soil and make your garden look more attractive.


Full-Service Mulch Manufacturer and Installation Resource

Are you looking for ways to make your yard stand out? Hire MTS tree and landscape to maintain or design your flower beds at your property. The right mulch can make any yard pop.

Here are five reasons to spread mulch on your yard annually:

  1. Mulch will regulate the soil temperature.
  2. It’ll replenish the nutrients in your soil.
  3. It’ll prevent weeds from ruining your garden.
  4. It’ll help the soil retain water efficiently.
  5. It can brighten up your landscape.

Premium Quality Mulch at Competitive Rates

Do you want high-quality mulch for your gardening or landscaping needs? Turn to MTS Tree and Landscape to get different types of mulches at affordable rates! We have years of experience in the business. We offer organic mulches and other landscaping materials. You can request for delivery and cleanup services. We offer great customer service. We also offer FREE estimates/ quotes. Speak to our friendly staff now to learn more!