fallen tree

Throughout Greater Seattle & up in the Sammamish areas, we’ve had a couple of really big storms already. What we’re beginning to see are trees being uprooted and falling because the ground is so saturated.

fallen tree

When a big rainstorm comes through, the ground can become so saturated that the roots of your trees may become unstable. If we add a little wind (or a lot), trees can actually uproot and come down.

Even healthy trees.

It really has to do with the moisture content of the ground soil.

Sadly, there isn’t much we can do to control ground saturation or rainfall.

But there are a few suggestions we have for the stormy seasons that will help to minimize any damages that could occur with the wintery weather.


What can we do?

What we CAN DO is be aware of the following:

The really tall trees on your property, if any

How close these trees to your home?
Your garage?
Your fence?
Your car/s or vehicles?
Your neighbors’ properties?

For the very tall trees, planted close to your property, what might the root structure look like?
Now, we know that it’s hard to imagine what an actual root system would look like, it’s buried in the dirt!

But for a very tall, old tree, if it’s been planted close to your home, you might want to understand what it could look like, especially if a prolonged storm comes through your town.

Take a look at this video of a 100-year-old oak tree that was uprooted in the Burien area and see what we’re talking about.


The weather forecast

Is it a windstorm? Rain and wind?
How long has it been since the last storm?
Do you have waterfront property? – Winds coming in on waterfront property can really be faster and stronger.


The number of rainy or stormy days in a row

You don’t have to track it or keep a tally of days, just be aware.

If it’s the first big storm of the season, great. The ground may be pretty dry from the summer sun still.

But if it’s the 3rd or 4th heavy 10-day storm in 2 months, you’ll want to simply heighten your awareness. The ground may still be pretty wet, without much chance to dry. Maybe consider parking your vehicles away from that tall tree & not right under it.


What if you don’t have any big trees on your property?

We suggest that you take stock of the very tall trees that could land in your property if they happen to fall. Be aware of where you’re parking your car/s in relation to big old trees.


But what if?

But what if a tree does fall on my house, car or fence? Then what?

You’ll want to be sure no one’s been hurt, first of all. If someone’s been injured or trapped by a fallen tree, definitely call 911 and take care of those people first.

Next step, take a deep breath and call your local tree service.


1st time?

If you don’t know of a reliable service, or if you’ve never called an arborist or tree service company before, take a look at this post, and this post. These posts share suggestions in what to look for so you’ll have an idea of what and who too look for to take good care of your situation.


Bear in mind

If there’s been a big storm, perhaps it’s lasted for multiple days, the tree service dispatchers may be very busy with lots of emergency service calls. Be aware that you may need to call 2-3 different tree service companies, since the schedules are going to vary.

With a big storm, several areas may be impacted with fallen trees and property damage.

If you call one service, and they can’t get to you for 3 days, try calling another reputable service, they may be able to get to you sooner. Best practice is to be sure to keep the soonest appointment, and to call the other services back and cancel any other appointments so they can serve as many people as possible.

Of course, we’d love for you to consider using our services, whether it’s for an emergency situation, or for pruning, view clearing or stump grinding. We’d love to be your preferred tree service company.