We had a great job in Burien a couple of weeks ago. Remove one 60-ish foot tree, and prune another similar sized one from a backyard. We had a full crew and a couple of trucks out and it was a dry day. And it was windy too.

Wind plays an interesting part in our workdays and workflows at our job sites. You might not think a breeze would be all that powerful from the ground.

But 50+ feet up in the air? With a running chainsaw?

It’s a different story altogether.

Take a look at the short video first, so you see that we’re talking about gusts, vs breezes.

We took a quick video so you could see the crew in action…but also the velocity of the wind that was up that day.

It didn’t start out this way

When we arrived, there was a bit of a breeze in the air, but as the day went on, it got stronger.

Tom was up in the tree that we were set to remove.

He is always clipped into the safety harness and has his hard hat on too. Plus, he brought up ropes and lines, his chainsaw and a few other tools of the trade.

So, Tom’s in the tree. About 50+ feet up in the air.

Let’s think about how a tree grows
At ground level, this tree’s trunk is quite steady and securely rooted into the ground. What happens to the structure of the tree as it grows? It tapers up. Meaning, it grows thinner as it gets higher and, depending on the tree, will be more flexible in a wind.

One more thing
You’ll notice in the video the gray structure in the background? On the other side of the fence?

Yes. That’s the neighbor’s garage.

So, Tom’s job is to rope and secure each branch before cutting it off so he can then maneuver it down without hurting the crew on the ground, or the fence, or the neighbor’s property.

A hole in the neighbor’s garage isn’t going to win anyone any friends, or us any more business.

There’s a lot of strength and strategy already involved when we’re up in the branches. The name of the game here is safety and thoroughness in doing the job right. When a wind picks up, that’s one more thing to consider and work around. It feels less steady to be blown around, high off the ground, with live power tools in hand.

Plus, wind is loud and can further impair communications with the crew below.

If you live where it gets windy
This house was near Puget Sound, so the gusts were coming off the water a few blocks down the hill. When the wind picked up, Tom decided to come down and to start pruning the next tree. Just to see if the wind would blow past.

It was great to have another tree to work on while the wind was high. The productivity of the crew for our customer was retained as much as possible by having a secondary tree to work on.

Wind does change, yes. And we were able to continue to work while these gusts were passing through Burien. If we had just one tree on the project, we’d have been waiting a few minutes and then seeing if it would die down before getting Tom back up there.

Now, let’s talk about your property, specifically.
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